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Art Explorium is a community arts center offering art education for children and adults of all skill levels. An artist with a passion for teaching, Amy Gibbs offers instruction in a fun, safe, nurturing environment where process, exploration, curiosity, and imagination are cultivated and encouraged. Amy’s mission is to nurture the artists of the Virgin Islands’ community and to bring the community together through art.  

In addition to art classes, Art Explorium hosts workshops and events for adults. The eagerly anticipated annual Summer Camp is open to children aged x-xx, and runs from XXX-XXX. Amy frequently teaches art workshops at the University of the Virgin Islands, as well as various locations on St. John and St. Croix. Private classes, events and workshops are also available by request.

Amy working on a coffee painting project with young Art Explorium students in the studio
Young artist smiles at the camera holding her art project at Art Explorium Summer Camp St. Thomas USVI


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After School Art Program

Art Explorium offers children ages 6 to 18 the opportunity to explore their creativity and artistic selves in a fun, nurturing environment. Kids are exposed to the fundamentals of fine art and introduced to a wide variety of media and artists. Amy’s core believe is that art is for everyone. Accordingly, she routinely organizes fundraising events for scholarships to her program and offers artistic assistance and guidance to the under-served youth of the Virgin Islands.

Sy Sebastien working on a painting using coffee at Art Explorium St. Thomas USVI

Developing Young Artists

Art Explorium is a place where serious young artists can develop their skills and work towards achieving their goals and dreams as artists. Amy works with talented young artists who are serious about art as a career. She sees her role as not only a teacher, but a mentor to these gifted students, devoting time, energy, and support to help them work towards achieving their dreams.

Explore Your Creativity

Art Explorium adult art classes allow you to explore and develop your artistic skills and creative ability. Amy offers individual and group visual arts classes for adults focusing on how to use different media and techniques. Open to adults of any age and level of ability, Art Explorium offers adults an opportunity to learn, grow and satisfy their creative impulse.

  • Classes are by appointment only
  • Duration is typically 2 hours
  • Project can be new or an existing student project
  • Basic tools and materials included. Special materials, tools, etc. are additional, or students can bring their own
  • Cost of class: $100.00 per session
  • Group classes are available by request. Price is dependent on the number of people and project.
Grace Prismacolor on paper drawing by Amy Gibbs
Art Explorium students showing off their sunset paintings at Tillett Gardens St. Thomas USVI

Scholarships & Donations

Scholarships are available for Art Explorium’s After School Art Program for children between the ages of 6 to 18 who exhibit a desire to further their studies in art. We are grateful to have received generous donations from individuals and organizations such as the Rotary Sunrise, VI Council on the Arts, and Art VI Advocates that have enabled children to attend our programs.

General donations are gratefully accepted. Sponsorships are also available. Please contact us if you are interested in:

  • Donating to our general scholarship fund
  • Donating a scholarship for a specific child or children

We accept donations through PayPal.

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Give the Gift of Art

Art Uncorked VI from Amy Gibbs Fine Art St Thomas USVI
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